Sundays on Via dei Fori Imperiali

Sundays on Via dei for Imerpiali

Sundays on Via dei Fori Imperiali are the ideal day to stroll along the ruins of Ancient Rome. Families enjoy the street performers, artists and musicians that frequent the area, as well as view the Imperial Forums. During the week we often see people dodging traffic to take a picture of the Colosseum from the center of the street. No reason to risk your life for a great photo, just visit on Sundays and holidays when there is no traffic!

Sundays on Via dei for Imerpiali

Benito Mussolini constructed Via dei Fori Imperiali to link Ancient Rome’s Colosseum to Piazza Venezia’s Vittorio Emmanuel II monument (the symbol of fascist Italy). The project was filled with controversy due to the destruction of archaeological ruins. But protests fell on deaf ears, as did most opinions not aligned with the dictator.  Four stone maps on the exterior wall of Basilica of Maxentius show the progression of the Ancient Roman Empire from 146 BC to 14 AD. A fifth map, representing Mussolini’s takeover of Northern Africa and pursuit of other territories was removed after his defeat.  The original name of the street was Via dell’Impero but was changed to its current name after Word War II.

Sundays on Via dei for Imerpiali

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