Romantic dinner without breaking the bank: Spirito di Vino

Romantic dinner without breaking the bank: Spirito di Vino - In need of a romantic dinner without breaking the bank:  Spirito di Vino offers the quality, service and ambiance you desire with modest prices. After being buzzed in the front door guests are greeted warmly by Romeo and his son Francesco. Romeo’s wife Eliana works in the kitchen creating dishes from the inventive to the historical. Romeo sits down with each table and shares the history of the building. The restaurant is in a medieval building that once housed the oldest synagogue inRome - the walls date to 980AD, while the wine cellar is even older. Then he thoroughly explains the menu, complete with recommendations, specials and ingredient substitutions. Eliana will only use the items of the the highest quality in her dishes so variations are made depending on the season and what was available at the market. The signature dish is the pork shoulder prepared according to a recipe of Gaius Matius, who was a friend and cook of Julius Caesar. After dinner they will take downstairs for a tour of their extensive cellar. You are a greeted like a VIP from the moment you walk in the door until the moment you leave. rigatoni with white ragu sauce of mixed meats - Spirito di Vino - pasta special - Spirito di Vino - meat special- Spirito di Vino - signature dish- Spirito di Vino - Panna cotta - Spirito di Vino - Chocolate and almond cake with Profiterole sauce- Spirito di Vino - Spirito di Vino wine cellar - Spirito di Vino - Romeo talks with table at Spirito di Vino -

Spirito di Vino

Via dei Genovesi 31
Open Monday-Saturday for dinner only. Reservations are essential.
Tel: +39 06 589 66 89



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The Borghese Gallery

a46a79a7Reservations are mandatory for the Borghese Gallery. We make reservations for our guests, free of charge.

What Our Guests Say…

24 – Alexandra and Margit

We enjoyed our stay here so much that we are surely coming back one time...or maybe more times?? There is so much to see in this lovely city and many ice cream flavours to enjoy. Thanks a lot for all your help and your lovely recommendations - they were all very enchanting. Hopefully we will see you soon! Auf Wiedersehen!

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