Roman Pizza at Alle Carrette

Wood-fired oven at Alle Carrette -
Thin crust, wood fired pizza is how the Romans make their pizza and you’d be hard pressed to find a better example of pizza romana than at Alle Carrrette. The pizzeria is a casual neighborhood spot with rustic decor. House wine is served in ceramic jugs. Pizza is on the menu here, and little else. There are some side salads and fritti available (get the fried zucchini & fried artichokes), but no pasta or veal found here. They do pizza and they do it well. The menu offers over twenty-five types of pizza, with a few calzones to mix things up. If your choice of toppings is not listed as one the options substitutions can be made.  Although the menu is written in Italian and English, be careful when ordering. “Pepperoni” means sliced red pepper in Italy – order “salami” if you want thin slices of spicy pork sausage on your pizza. Like most of Italy, British English is used for translations. You may wonderful what would land up on your pizza if you ordered one with “rocket” – it’s arugula (and delicious on top of  a margherita pizza!). Piazza Diavola at Alle Carrette - Fried Artichokes at Alle Carrette - Pizza alla Pazza at Alle Carrette -

Alle Carrette only serves dinner. Doors open at 7p, or there about. The staff typically eats at a table in front of the wood-fired oven. While doors may be open for people to claim a table, don’t expect service until they are finished with their meal. It is usually fairly quiet until about 8:30p when there is a risk of having to wait for table. Pizzas range from €6-8 depending on the toppings. Each person should order their own pizza, unless you load up on appetizers. The beauty of the Roman Pizza is that it as not a filling as the thick neapolitan pizza common in Southern Italy.

It can be difficult to find Alle Carrette until it opens at night. During the day big metal gates block its signage leaving no trace of it. Look for the tiny nook next to Flor gelato  at Via Cavour 337 – Alle Carrette is tucked away next to it on Vicolo delle Carrette.

Alle Carrette
Vicolo delle Carrette, 14 / Via Madonna dei Monti, 95
Tel: +39 06 6792770
Open daily 7pm-12m

Transportation: walking distance from Nicolas Inn; Metro Colosseo or Cavour; Bus 117 or 75 Garden seating at Alle Carrette -

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