Ristorante Tram Tram in the San Lorenzo neighborhood

Ristorante Tram Tram in the San Lorenzo neighborhood - www.nicolasinn.com

Ristorante Tram Tram in the San Lorenzo neighborhood is located exactly where you would expect it: in front of the tram tracks. Most of the decorations are authentic pieces of tram from the 1950′s. But the focus here is on the food, not the decor. The menu is creative Roman cuisine with seafood dishes from the Puglia and Sicily thrown in to the mix. The restaurant is owned by Rosanna Di Vittorio her two  daughters Fabiola and Antonela. Rosanna oversees the menu and finds the best ingredients at the local markets. If ingredients can’t be found to meet her standards items will be crossed off the menu for the night. The restaurant is popular with the locals but relatively unknown to tourists. Although the staff doesn’t speak English their friendly nature helps bridge the language gap.

Note: There is no sign with restaurant’s name out front. The sign reads simply “Bottiglieria – Trattoria.”

Chickpea puree with chicory - Tram Tram - www.nicolasinn.com

Artichokes - Tram Tram - www.nicolasinn.com Pasta with fish and eggplant - Tram Tram - www.nicolasinn.com Orecchiette pasta with clams and brocolli - Tram Tram - www.nicolasinn.com Delicious lamb at Tram Tram - www.nicolasinn.com Dessert of strawberries and creme at Ristorante Tram Tram - www.nicolasinn.com Tram Tram

Via dei Reti 46
Open Tuesday-Sunday. Closed Monday. Reservations recommended for dinner.
Tel: +39 06 490416

The Di Vittorio women -  www.nicolasinn.com Ristorante Tram Tram in the San Lorenzo neighborhood - www.nicolasinn.com

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