Devotion to Sicilian and Calabrian Food at Scilla e Cariddi

Devotion to Sicilian and Calabrian Food at Scilla e Cariddi
Devotion to Sicilian and Calabrian Food at Scilla e Cariddi -
Scilla e Cariddi is devoted to the food from Sicily and Calabria. The restaurant takes its name from mythical sea monsters Scilla and Cariddi that lived in Straits of Messina, between Sicily and Calabria. Using traditional recipes and ingredients sourced from the area it serves a fixed menu at lunch and dinner. The menu changes daily depending on what is in season. Bartolo whips up food in the kitchen while his wife Angela attends to the tables. Angela doesn’t make small talk with guests and can be a bit gruff. There is one seating at lunch and one at dinner. The dining room is small with hard stools to sit on. Reservations are mandatory. You will given the time to eat, you cannot choose it. Meals will served once everyone for the seating has arrived. All tables are served each course at the same time. There are no substitutes or second helpings. Pasta is served as the final course. It is then that Bartolo emerges from the kitchen. He makes his way around to each table to greet each customer. While these “rules” may make you think twice about eating here, don’t pass on it. The price €25 euro per person is a steal. It includes wine, water, multiple courses – including dessert – and an after dinner liquor. Unless you have a grandma in Southern Italy you will eat foods that you will otherwise never experienceS. Products from the regions are also available for sale. There is a nice selection of olive oils, pastas, chocolates, wine, jams and sauces that make great souvenirs or gifts.

The pictures that follow are what was served at our most recent meal at Scilla e Cariddi.

Scilla e Cariddi appetizer -

Scilla e Cariddi beans & chicory - Scilla e Cariddi sausage in a spicy red sauce - Scilla e Cariddi cheese - Scilla e Cariddi salmon - Scilla e Cariddi mussels - Scilla e Cariddi octopus - Scilla e Cariddi pasta - Scilla e Cariddi cannoli -  Scilla e Cariddi

Via IV Novembre 145
Tel: +39 06 8976723
Open Tuesday-Sunday for lunch and dinner. Reservations are mandatory.

Scilla e Cariddi owners Bartolo & Angela -

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