Authentic Meal at Dal Paino

Authentic Meal at Dal Paino - Piazza Navona is the epitome of an Italian square: fountains, street musicians, artists and performers surrounded by cafes and restaurants. But don’t waste a meal sitting on the piazza.  You will pay too much, not eat very well and have to deal with overbearing waiters. Just a few blocks away you can enjoy a delicious, authentic meal at Dal Paino for a fraction of the price. Dal Paino is a small, unpretentious restaurant known for its fried appetizers and thin, crispy Roman pizzas made in its wood burning brick oven. Authentic Meal at Dal Paino - pizza with mushroom & onion -

Dal Paino - four cheese pizza - Start your meal with fried zucchini flowers and supplì. The pizzas are sized for individual orders but are of generous size. The mushroom & onion and four cheese pizzas are a few of our favorites. But Dal Paino offers more than just pizza – there is a nice selection of pasta dishes too. The spaghetti with clams is the among the best in town and the gnocchi amatriciana is remarkably light. If you skip the pizza order some focaccia (the pizza base) to accompany your meal so you won’t feel like you have missed out. The menu also has a couple meat dishes but the stars at Dal Paino are the pizza and pasta. Most dishes are €7-10 euro.

Dal Paino has a small dining room. Along with other restaurants in the area, it is currently battling with the mayor or Rome over outdoor seating. Until the matter is resolved they are unable to seat guests outside which is a shame because it is one of the best spots to people watch. Dal Paino - spaghetti with clams -

Dal Paino - gnocchi amatriciana - Dal Paino

Via di Parione 34/35
Tel: +39 06 6813 5140
Open for lunch and dinner Sunday-Tuesday and Thursday-Saturday. Closed Wednesday.

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